Villa Grande Veronese


Located on the banks of the river Adige, the villa is still owned by the ancient feudal lords of the village of Villa Bartolomea and its surrounding lands since 1400: it was completely rebuilt in the early years of the last century next to the large agricultural complex that dates back to 1700 .
The ancient manor house in fact, which was lapped by the river’s waters, was completely demolished at the end of the nineteenth century, after the devastating flood of the Adige in 1882.
Furnished with paintings and antique furniture and fully equipped, the villa consists of a large living room and several smaller ones, including the billiard room, and numerous bedrooms – mostly with two beds and a bathroom, up to a maximum of 16 beds – as well as a dining room and a large kitchen.
At guests’ disposal there is a swimming pool in the park and bicycles for rides along the banks of the Adige and in the countryside. In the immediate vicinity there are tennis courts, riding stables and, a little further away, a 18-hole golf course.

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