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Villetta Iris 1024 509 Ville e Dimore

Villetta Iris

In the quiet residential area of ​​San Bernardo, in Garda, overlooking the surrounding green hills and the Rocca, a few hundred meters from the town center and a short walk…

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Casa Puccini 1024 768 Ville e Dimore

Casa Puccini

About 20 minutes walk from the center of Garda, there is a district surrounded by greenery, not far from the Valle dei Mulini. Here there is a characteristic courtyard, inside…

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Casa Olinda 1020 710 Ville e Dimore

Casa Olinda

On the road that leads from Lazise to the characteristic village of Calmasino, there is a typical country-house, with beautiful plants and flowers. There is enough space to park two…

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Villetta Griselle 1024 768 Ville e Dimore

Villetta Griselle

If you are looking for a holiday home a few meters from a nice beach, with a beautiful view of the lake, then Villetta Griselle is just the ideal solution.…

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Rosabianca 1024 768 Ville e Dimore


In the beautiful park of the Euroresidence San Vigilio of Garda, the comfortable dwelling is located on the third floor of block two, served by a concierge, with an elegant…

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Casa Quercia 1024 768 Ville e Dimore

Casa Quercia

Casa Quercia is located just above Torri del Benaco, on the hillside, in a splendid position that offers a wonderful view of Lake Garda, the town and its Scaligero Castle,…

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Casa Canevini Garda 1024 768 Ville e Dimore

Casa Canevini Garda

The canevini are the symbol of the daily history of many families of Garda. Dug at the foot of the Rocca, for several centuries they were the galley, the pantry…

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Casa Mauri 640 480 Ville e Dimore

Casa Mauri

The “Risaie” area, in Garda, is located a few hundred meters from the historic center, reachable with a pleasant pedestrian walk. The apartment (77 sqm) is located on the first…

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Casa Giusy 683 683 Ville e Dimore

Casa Giusy

Immersa nei vigneti delle colline moreniche, a due passi dal Parco Termale Villa dei Cedri di Colà, Casa Giusy si trova l’ interno della residenza “I Vigneti del Garda”, che…

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La Pergolana 1024 768 Ville e Dimore

La Pergolana

Similar to an ancient crenellated castle, Villa Pergolana is located on the lakeside promenade of Lazise, ​​surrounded by a magnificent and large English-style park, with direct access to the promenade…

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Palazzo al Fiume 1024 767 Ville e Dimore

Palazzo al Fiume

Palazzo storico sulla riva del Torrente Gusa, piccolo affluente del Lago di Garda. Vicino al ponte e alla chiesetta di Santo Stefano, l’ appartamento è ubicato in un elegante edificio,…

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Villa Valpolicella 1010 713 Ville e Dimore

Villa Valpolicella

Immersed in the vineyards of one of the most famous wine production areas in Italy, Villa Valpolicella enjoys an incomparable 180 ° panoramic view that stretches from Verona, Monte Baldo,…

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Villa delle Ninfee 800 600 Ville e Dimore

Villa delle Ninfee

Separated by an enclosure wall from the Eastern Gardesana road, which leads in a few hundred meters to Garda, accessible via an elegant wrought iron gate, the villa enjoys an…

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Villa Rocca 653 452 Ville e Dimore

Villa Rocca

Set among a green olive grove and surrounded by various species of flowers and fruit trees, slightly in the hills and in a panoramic position with wonderful views of the…

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Casa Beretta 1024 768 Ville e Dimore

Casa Beretta

The house of a great artist (Luciano Beretta), who often lent his words Italian musicians. Actor, poet, designer, dancer and singer, his dwelling houses works and memories of his extensive…

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Casa Portici 692 519 Ville e Dimore

Casa Portici

A pochi passi dal Castello Scaligero e dalla passeggiata lungo il lago, l’ appartamento Casa Portici è la soluzione ideale per chi vuole vivere in piena tranquillità in un tipico…

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Villa delle Sirene 1024 768 Ville e Dimore

Villa delle Sirene

Separated by a boundary wall from the road Gardesana Orientale, leading in a few hundred meters to the village Garda, accessible through an elegant wrought iron gate, the villa enjoys…

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Casa Luppia 1024 768 Ville e Dimore

Casa Luppia

L’ appartamento Casa Luppia si trova all’ interno del tranquillo e magnifico parco secolare “Residenza San Vigilio”,  a pochi metri dal lago e vicinissimo al paese di Garda. L’ appartamento…

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Casa Luppia 1024 768 Ville e Dimore

Casa Luppia

The apartment Casa Luppia is part of the quiet and beautiful park “Residenza San Vigilio”, a few meters from the lake and close to the town of Garda. The apartment…

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Palazzo Fregoso 768 1024 Ville e Dimore

Palazzo Fregoso

Costruito agli inizi del XVI secolo dal capitano veneziano Cesare Fregoso, il palazzo conserva una bella bifora al primo piano e una scala di accesso che sale alla porta d’ingresso.…

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Casa Nicole 1024 768 Ville e Dimore

Casa Nicole

In the center of Bardolino, 100 meters from the lake, in a quiet street, Casa Nicole is a 85 sqm apartment, on the ground floor, with its own parking space…

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Villa Lilium 1024 768 Ville e Dimore

Villa Lilium

Comfortable villa with tastefully furnished interiors, at a short distance (approx. 1 km) from the enchanting old town of Torri del Benaco. Located in a residential villa area, Villa Lilium…

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Villa Bardino 1024 768 Ville e Dimore

Villa Bardino

Villa Bardino enjoys breathtaking views over Lake Garda. Private, spacious and contemporary, this villa is perched on a sloping hillside and backed by a wooded rise. The pool, set in a…

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